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The Pegasus Quik


Standard Summary

The QUIK is at the cutting edge of flexwing aircraft development, taking the microlight definition to the extreme.

The wing and trike unit have been designed to offer speed, climb, performance, comfort, quietness and, above all - relaxed flying in weather conditions avoided by the normal flexwing pilot.

With its light handling, precise feel, over 100mph top speed and over 80mph trimmed cruise speed, the Quik is the ultimate cross country machine.

The Gas rigging strut takes the weight of the wing during rigging and is neatly tucked away to provide under-seat storage.

Ajustable steering to suit all pilots, short or tall, the front wheel and forks slide into either forward or rearwards position.


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Performance Data

Max level speed 105mph (168km/h)
VNE 115mph (184km/h)
Trim Speed range 55-83mph
Climb rate @ MTOW:  
Rotax 912S
Rotax 912
1200fpm (6.1 m/s)
845fpm (4.3m/s)
Stall speed @ MTOW 37mph (48km/h)
Take off to 15m, MTOW:  
Ultimate strength +6g, -3g
Manouvre loads +4g, -0g
Wing Area 10.6 sq/m
Wing Span 8.35m
Max pilot/pass weight 200kgs
Seat Load 110kgs
Min pilot weight 55kgs
MTOW 409kgs
Empty Weight 206kg
Length 2.90m
Wheel Track 1.65m
Fuel Capacity 65L
Fuel consumption @ 83mph/132km/h 11 - 14 lph
Max RPM 5500rpm
RPM @ 60mph 4000rpm

Standard Equipment

Electric Start Climb in and push the button!
Propellor Warp Drive 1.7m 3 Blade composite (black)
Fibreglass Pod Full Pod/Screen/Dash Panel
Skirt Lighweight side skirt with two zipped map pockets
Seat Quick-Rig Composite Seat with slotted back for rigging or derigging without removal. Complete with integral folding back support for pilot. Luxury seat cushion.
Wheel Spats Large Finned Wheel Spats Kit
Brakes Dual Hydraulic rear wheel disk brakes & Parking Brake System
Throttle Control Seat-mounted Choke and Hand Throttle levers, seat-mounted dual contact switches pedal
mounted foot throttle.
Fuel Tank 65 Litre Polyethelene tank mounted under the seat
Touring Screen Two part large windscreen for maximum comfort at Quik speeds
Storage Bag Portable bag that clips into pod space under Pilot's legs
Lynx Antenna Fitted as standard with power supply lead for Comms
Trike Cover Protects your trike whilst transporting
Propellor Cover Padded cover for 3 Blade Propellor
Sail Quik high-performance 2 seater with Trilam leading edge and kevlar trailing edge
In-Flight Electric
Trim System
Trimmable speed range of 55-82mph
Rotax Flydat or Analogue Engine Instruments
80mm VSI
Altimeter and ASI
Electronic Fuel Gauge
Silva Compass & Battery Supply Meter
Electronic Trim Indicator