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Record du monde 2014 de vitesse et de distance sur Quik R 912 en biplace. Francois DENIS


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  • Daniel on 2015-Apr-14 06:40:55 Daniel said

    Félicitations à François ! Bravo le Champion !
  • Bradley on 2015-Oct-22 04:09:50 Bradley said

  • Arry on 2016-Jan-16 09:06:58 Arry said

    That's an ingueions way of thinking about it.
  • JimmiXS on 2016-Aug-07 06:10:19 JimmiXS said

  • JimmiXS on 2016-Aug-12 19:32:13 JimmiXS said

  • Barnypok on 2017-Jan-04 04:51:26 Barnypok said