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Spark Plugs

NGK B8ES Rotax Two Stroke Engine

Non-supressed plugs for Rota..

Price: 3.65 Buy Now

NGK BR8ES Rotax Two Stroke Engine

Supressed plugs for Rotax 2 ..

Price: 2.65 Buy Now

Rotax 912S Spark Plug (DCPR8E)

Spark plug for Rotax 912S En..

Price: 3.98 Buy Now

Rotax 912 Spark Plug (DCPR7E)

Spark plug for Rotax 912 Eng..

Price: 3.98 Buy Now


2 Hole Lord Mount

All Mainair Trikes & All..

Price: 13.26 Buy Now

2 Hole Thin Lord Mount

Mainair 462 & 582 Engine..

Price: 25.75 Buy Now

Large 2 Hole Mount

AX2000 & 912 Pegasus Tri..

Price: 24.00 Buy Now



Choice of Colour Blue/Black/..

Price: 4.33 Out Of Stock

Mainair Fleece B/R

Mainair two tone fleece with..

Price: 40.00 Buy Now

Hot Hood

Water repellant, breathable ..

Price: 16.99 Buy Now


Cotton Balaclava - One size ..

Price: 4.94 Buy Now


Oil Filter

All Rotax 912 & 912S Eng..

Price: 9.24 Buy Now